Terms and Conditions

For your convinience, all guild rules and terms regarding graphics were now moved to this page.

Ultimately we prefer to see our own guild members using our pre-made graphics as we have put alot of time and effort into making them. If you use our materials we would be very greatfull if you joined our guild (if you are not already a member ;)).

  • You may NOT use any of our pre-made graphics on ANY websites other than neopets.com
  • You are NOT allowed to use any of our pre-made graphics on the layouts of other guilds or on the websites or pet webpages and any other pages associated with other guilds. (I'm sure you can understand how unfair it would be if you took advantage of us to try to improove your own guild, when we have worked so hard on our own. You would feel the same way about your own work.)

  • You may use the pre-made graphics materials provided by this website on your personal neopets account as long as you abide by the rest of our terms and conditions as layed out below:
  • You must not edit the coding in pre-mades (other than to add your own text). All credit text and links to the guild MUST remain intact.
    - Do NOT remove credit or links to our guild, do NOT alter the credit, credit must remain clearly visible and readable.

  • Claiming our work as your own is strictly forbidden not to mention illegal. Do not remove or falsify credit.
  • You are not allowed to re-upload or edit any of our graphics. This means:
    - You CANNOT upload any of our graphics to your own image hosting account for example.
    - You CANNOT take one of our graphics add some image effects and then call it your own, that is still stealing.
  • You are not allowed to re-distribute our pre-mades for other people to use.
  • Important Note:
    Some of our graphics making guild members still insist that you be a member of our guild in order to use the graphics they create. They have the right to determine how their own work is allowed to be used. Therefore if you are not a member of our guild please check the on-site terms and conditions when browsing the graphics sites of individual guild members to see if you are allowed to use their graphics or not.
    - All the other terms and conditions outlined above still apply to all Charmed Ones Guild graphics made by anyone in our guild.