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Last updated - May 29th, 2011

Our shields have been re-coded.

- - - - -

Another major re-coding effort is underway. All of the available group lookups have been recoded by neo65629. Lookups featuring the men of Charmed, Kaley Cuoco and lookups made by neo65629 have also been updated. The rest will be available soon. (May 28th 2011)

One new Alyssa background added. (Jully 11th 2007)

4 New Rose Look-ups were added! All fantabuolusly created by xxxladyvixenxxx =D! (June 13th 2007)

Mega bouncing update! The whole look-up section got a makeover, hopefully now it would be easier for you to navigate through the different types of look-ups we have to offer... Most look-up codes had now been updated to fit to the newer scheme of NeoPets - Some are still underway and would be added in the upcoming few days! (May 23d 2007)

All Drew and Kaley look-ups had been updated to fit into the new code description, as well as the one of Wes & Brian - Please bare with us while we continue fixing all codes - it may take a while but hopefully you'll see it being worth while =)
UPDATE: All Shannen Look-ups had been also updated =D
UPDATE #2: Holly Look-ups created by charmed_pwrof3 and faeriegurl4lyfe had been updated, stay tuned for the rest (May 22nd 2007)

Some of neo65629's Paige Lookups' codes have been fixed to work with the new neopets layout Click Here if you wish to use one :) The lookups which have been re-coded are marked with "code fixed".
- More of the pre-made lookups will be re-coded within the next week or two.(April 29th 2007)

All broken images for side-bars, top-banners, blinkies etc' had been fixed - if you recognize any more broken images please contact me so I could fix them asap.Also, the welcome signs had been re-created - hope you'd like the newer versions! (April 27th 2007)

You may be finding that your userlookup is a total mess now that neopets has gotten a new layout style :( Click Here to get a code to add to your lookup, which will make your background show up again :)
- Please be patient for our pre-mades to be re-coded, this will be a huge task for us, it could be some time before we have finished.(April 27th 2007)

Lookie, lookie here and here!
Yes indeed two new look-ups were added featuring Rose McGowan and Shannen Doherty =) (a silent hip horray for third straight day of updates!)(January 8th 2007)

New layout featuring Rose McGowan!
Figured a new layout is probably long over due as its been over a year with the old one =P Hope you like this one =) (January 7th 2007)

Happy belated New Year =)! In the spirit of 2007 3 new backgrounds were added in addition to 2 new Alyssa Lookups created by violet345, enjoy!
Also, 4 new blogs by violet345 were added =D! (January 6th 2007)

One new Wes Ramsey look-up was added. Enjoy all Older-Wyatt fans ;)(November 19th 2006)

A whole lot of backgrounds had been added, created by violet345 a while ago but we've only now added them in, so enjoy :)(August 9th 2006)

One new button of a members site added of bananagirl_1 (JAugust 6nd 2006)

Three new look-ups featuring Rose, Shannen and the season 4 cast were added, in addition to one new background. I took out the broken links for now, though hopefully the bgs would be back up soon enough ;)(July 26nd 2006)

One new members site added - the one of Illeeyah's :) (June 22nd 2006)

New members site button added - congratulations mystical_piper for her new site :)! (June 13th 2006)

Sorry it took a while, but all the look-ups had now been updated to go through the new Neopets filter - if you find a lookup that still doesnt work though please let me know so I could fix it asap! (June 5th 2006)

You might notice that there isn't any more icky geocities ads on the site - thats because we moved to the main guild site and from now on all updates will be under it! Horrah!
Also, the contact form has been removed (sorry, but it was a bit flawd anyway) - but for the mean time any questions you have you can send over to the E-Mail address given there ;)
Finaly, if you see any broken links and what not - Please let me know about them so I could fix it ASAP! (April 5th 2006)

Two new look-ups were added, featuring Holly and Rose (March 26th 2006)

One new members graphics site had been added - of letterkillssoty3 =) (March 25th 2006)

Two new backgrounds added - 20 in general, did notice some of the urls went down but will do my best to get them back up asap =) (February 12th 2006)

One new button added from one of our members graphics site - the one of sidecarsistarules =) (February 8th 2006)

The last group look-up code was updated as it had problems with the background - thanks Bandy for letting me know =) (January 27th)

One new group look-up added (January 14th)