Ever had a graphics related question but was to afraid to ask? well, conisder your problems solved :) this FAQ page is full with some of the common problems that might pop up while using the codes or the graphics from this site, and how can you fix them to it. Hope this would help you to solve your problems :)

  1. Q: The new neopets layout has ruined my lookup! Can you help me?
    A: Well, we should hopefully start trying to fix our pre-mades soon, so that they will look nicer on the new layout style. But it will be a huge task and may take us a long time :(
    ...In the mean time you can add the following code to your userlookup to make your background show up again :D

  2. Q: I used one of the background codes on my shop/look-up, but they didn't work.
    A: Firstly, make sure you got the entire code (press CTRL+A to get it all), if you did that and it still isn't working - you might be using the code in the wrong place. The left code is for your shop, and the right one is for your user look-up :) If it still doesnt work - please contact us so we can fix the problem!

  3. Q: I have a shield/top-banner code on my look-up, and at the top instead of having 'something by Charmed Ones Guild' its all messed up.
    A: If you use 2 or more look-up graphic images you'll probably get that:P All you have to do is go to your user preferences and search for all the parts that say:

    Delete them all, and instead of them copy the next code into your user pref:

    And you're done!!

  4. Q: My shield is in the wrong place!!
    A: If you write alot on your look-up the shield might get a tad higher than it should be, all you need to do is find the part in the code that says 'position:absolute;top:200;left:596' and change the top number a bit higher, keep trying until its in the right place :)

  5. Q: Can I add text to one of your top-banners?
    A: Sure you can, but make sure to still credit us for the base :)

  6. Q: I got a certain code a while from this site, but a few days ago it got changed into something else/it isn't working any more.
    A: That happens from time to time when differnet images are re-uploaded on something that already exist, or the url of a current image changes *shifty eyes* I know its a real pain, but sometimes its neseccery. Although you can always come back here for the new code :)

  7. Q: The preview on the look-ups and the actual look-up doesnt match
    A: Whoops, Please contact us so we can fix this
  8. Q: Can I use the icon bases on my site/guild/etc'?
    A: Sorry, but those icons are for this site only. You can use them for your personal use (massengers display pictures etc') but not on your site, or as your guild logo.

  9. Q: Can I use your graphics on my site/link your graphics to my guild?
    A: As long as you keep proper credit on every page that our graphics is shown - thats fine, but please don't steal our images!

  10. Q: I have some 'any sort of graphics here' that I made for the guild, how can I publish it?
    A: Unfortunetly, as we have so much members, creating one page that would contain all of their work would be nearly impossible to achieve. Because of that we created a new system that allows you to create your own personal graphics page/site that would contain all the uploaded work you make. If you don't know how to create your own page, all you have to do is simply follow this guide :)

  11. Q: How can I make the text on my premade-lookup on the left side instead of centered?
    A: Spot the place when you began writing your text, and add [/div] before that (replace [] with <>) - or add that after the credit code and your done, as simple as that :D!

  12. Q: How can I get rid of the yellow search bar and NST clock on my look-up?
    A: Thanks charmed_pwrof3 for sending the code in :)! All you have to do is copy the code below and paste it into your shop description